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Business Coaching

Successful companies and Entrepreneurs seldom achieve excellence without the support of experienced, professional coaches and mentors. KELLER GROUP COMPANIES provides various levels of outsourced resources tailor-made for each business. Contact us at 800-649-6352 for a confidential, no-nonsense discussion. You are under no obligation whatsoever. When WE are convinced that we can have an impact on your success, then we'll go to the next step...not before. At KGCO, it starts with the relationship first! A full list of programs can be found at our training, coaching and mentoring division....WORKSHOPS BY DESIGN at

Lifestyle Coaching

Everyone wants to live the lifestyle they fulfill their support their families, friends and business make a true difference in the world by paying it forward...and most of all, to achieve all of this in a state of excellent wealth, health and intelligence. Self-improvement is key to achieving lifestyle goals. THE TYPE OF LIFESTYLE YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE IS ALL ABOUT YOU AND THE CHOICES YOU MAKE. KGCO offers a wide number of such personal and group training and support programs to help you reach your goals. Many are highly interactive group workshops. Others are webinars, weekend retreats and conferences...even Seminars@Sea.

Start-up Center

ALL of us were new at the game when they first started out. No matter the level of education and formal training, we are all good at some but not all elements that significantly affect the successful start-up and growth of a business. Over the years KGCO has build and grown several businesses. Some were very successful. Others were a failure. At KGCO, we have over 35 years experience in knowing what works...what doesn't. Our experience covers, basic finance, promotion, marketing, advertising, social marketing, passive income, sales management, new business development and so much more. Call us for a discreet and confidential discussion today at 80-649-6352


Our professional team focuses on building RELATIONSHIPS first. We often share the most intimate details about a business, it's employees and it's operational policies and procedures. We are exposed to an individuals deepest concerns and challenges...yet we NEVER enable, rescue, judge or hold our expectations. Frankly IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU AND THE CHOICES YOU CHOOSE (OR NOT) TO MAKE. With mutual respect, we often become YOUR PERFECT PARTNER.



In keeping with our interest in self-development....and the importance of understanding who we are