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KELLER GROUP COMPANIES®’ hallmark represents a diversified international platform of products and services. The strength of the company’s experience, expertise and business achievement, supported by our corporate divisions and our affiliates and associates,  allow us to offer lifestyle and business coaching, training and mentoring programs as well as “hands-on” integration within our client’s businesses. We have purposely diversified our investments of time and resources over the years, allowing us to cover a broad range of expertise and knowhow. As such, we enjoy a tremendous network of resources from which we can pull the best-of-the-best. For example, if you are contemplating launching a new business, we are able to customize a strategic team to coach you through the basics. Maybe you are planning on outsourcing your marketing and communications function…perhaps you want to build an effective website and a social media platform to replace your “cookie-cutter” presence. At an advanced level, maybe you require strategic input in your decision-making plans and need a seasoned opinion on choosing the best options. Whether you require a lifestyle or business coach or a proactive business “partner”, we can effectively meet the challenge!  We invite you to contact KELLER GROUP COMPANIES® in confidence at 905-451-9717 (800-649-6352), by fax at 905-450-9037 or email to



WORKSHOPS BY DESIGN® is our industry-leading Training, Coaching and Mentoring  division that assists our clients “Growing Toward the Future in Wealth, Health and Intelligence”. Offers affordable lifestyle and financial freedom support to Individuals, Groups, Families, Entrepreneurs and small to medium-sixed businesses through workshops, webinars, mastermind groups and SEMINARS@SEA, on an international basis.

The process at KELLER GROUP COMPANIES® is unique! In our interest to over achieve and over deliver, we offer our potential clients a PRE-SCREENING & PERSONAL/CONFIDENTIAL ASSESSMENT PACKAGE valued at over $5000….all at our cost with no obligation to our potential client whatsoever.  We do this to determine if we can actually make a positive imprint on YOUR ability to meet YOUR goals long before we agree to a specific schedule and a formal agreement. BOOK YOUR ASESSMENT today on site. IT’S FREE!

You are also invited to visit the WORKSHOPS BY DESIGN® website for a complete list of upcoming training courses or call us at 905-451-9717 to discuss coaching or mentoring packages or email to


It is becoming increasingly clear that we should all make self-improvement a vital part of our growth and expansion. It is said that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. “LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE” encompasses many of the more familiar wellness modalities that link our physical, spiritual and emotional being to our own reality. At LTLYD, we have access to over 50 forms of modalities. One of our programs focuses on Passive Income which, in conjunction with a balanced and grounded lifestyle, permits you to evolve as we should…according to your personal definition of LIVING THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE. This division of KELLER GROUP COMPANIES® is supported by television and online radio shows under the same name, where we anticipate interviewing many notables in the new year and beyond. Please watch for announcements concerning upcoming free shows. For more information about how you might  participate in our programs or be interviewed “LIVE”, please call us at 905-451-9717 or email us at



NKREI provides training, coaching and/or mentoring in all disciplines respecting the most popular real estate investments and strategies including….

  • international property investment
  • multi-family housing
  • student rental housing
  • lease-to-own (LTO)
  • joint ventures
  • tax lien investment

Call us at 905-451-9717 or email us at




* A leading edge seminar/event management company specializing in group travel bookings, full financial, front and backroom, sales/marketing promotion, exclusive professional and experienced staffing and more. See the full menu of turnkey services at the web site

* Serving medium to large corporations and the professional trainer/coaching industry. Specializing in customized, fully hosted and managed international Seminars@Sea

* Annual Sales Conventions, exclusive and confidential Executive Conferences@Sea, Incentive/Contest Awards, Affinity/Club Groups, Professional Associations, Family Reunions, etc.

* For full planning, financial control, theme/itinerary/venue planning and hosting for your next function, please call 905-451-7373 or email to




A full service international travel agency operating in conjunction with Travel Professionals International® registered with CLIA (Cruise Line Industries Association), IATA (International Air Transport Association) and TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) for the protection of their clients. Our specialty is group cruises. All group bookings, purchase of travel packages and overall financial management is completed by our valued associate Kathy Goldsmith at DESIGN TOURS®. For full  travel service planning, group travel and fully hosted conferencing, please call 905-451-7373 or email



With over 35 years experience, the Keller Advertising Inc. team together with their Affiliates and Associates have provided just about everything necessary for a new start-up business all the way to a small to medium sized international corporation. The company has in depth experience and expertise in consumer products, international real estate investment, franchise marketing and development, the wellness industry, specialty communications, and travel categories. Services include but are not limited to the following areas of business…

  • Full service advertising agency
  • Customized digital radio broadcasting with online editing studio
  • Sales promotion and sales force management
  • Public relations and communications
  • New product research, development, and launch planning
  • Full market & sales planning both online and offline (traditional)
  • Strategic marketing, promotion, sales and financial services.
  • Full strategic website design, hosting and management
  • Internet and Social Marketing services
  • Leading edge Creative and Letter shop

For full service, call Keller Advertising Inc. at 905-451-9717 or email to




  • Full service Creative by Design custom promotional  house
  • Serving the business community since 1995

Contact PROMOCO® at 905-451-8800 or email Joan Nordemann at




  • One of the world’s leading authorities in effective communications
  • Prints, markets, sells and distributes contemporary Z-CARD® products and services in over 71 countries around the world through 70% of Fortune 500 Companies
  • benefits include 90% personal retention of message, significantly greater readership versus traditional print media and strong redirect to the client’s website

Contact  Z-CARD®CANADA at 905-451-8800 or email Joan Nordemann at

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